Residential Window Cleaning

– Window Cleaning

– Gutter Cleaning

– Pressure Washing

Maintenance Clean

A maintenance clean includes the application of mild soap, agitation, and a squeegee wipe to remove the water. Sills and frames will be generally wiped for excess water. Commercial pricing assumes a cleaning frequency of at least 2 separate cleaning times per calendar year or more. 

Roof Snow Removal

– Removal of ice dams

– Removal of snow on the roof

Pressure Washing

Residentials houses and condo complexes
Siding Cleaning

ATTENTION: A pressure washer is not a cleaning tool! A pressure washer should only be used as a soap and rinse aid with very low pressure.

It will not kill mold on vinyl and can cause major damage to the longevity of your home. By using high pressure against the siding, water will flow up under the siding and can create water damage to the Tyvek. It can also blow off pieces of caulking around the windows.

The siding should always be cleaned with an algaecide chemical and not with pressure.


Here are the steps of proper cleaning :

Step 1: Protect (electrical outlets, shrubs, flowers, deck)

Step 2: Rinse (low pressure)

Step 3: Apply Chemicals and let it do its magic (low pressure)

Step 4: Rinse (low pressure)

Step 5: Inspection


* We also have a proprietary blend to remove oxidation on vinyl. This can also be added as an option.

Wood Restoration

* Highline Building Services has certifications in deck restoration. We followed several courses to ensure top-quality service.

A deck should be maintained on a regular basis to prevent water absorption by the wood. When wood absorbs water, this creates a perfect environment for mold giving your patio a much shorter life. It is important to always talk to a professional before embarking on this type of project. Many steps are important to prepare the wood depending on the condition.

Here are the steps :

Steps 1: Protect (it is important to protect plants, interlock and the house with plastic protectors and masking tape).

Step 2: Strip or clean (this process involves using a stripper to remove old layers of stain, if the patio has no remaining stain,  the cleaning process will be used to kill the mold and mildew).

Step 3: Brighten (after cleaning with an alkaline product such as a stripper or cleaner, the color of the wood will slightly darken depending on your type of wood. The brightening process brings back the natural color of the wood by neutralizing the PH with an acidic product. It will also take care of any rust stains around the nails).

Now your deck is ready to stain! * Depending on the condition of the wood, some sanding may be required.

* Highline only cleans your deck. You can hire one of our recommended painters by visiting our partner section or by asking us directly.

Note: A pressure washer is not a cleaning tool! It will not kill mildew in the wood and can cause major damage to the longevity of your deck. A pressure washer should only be used as a rinsing tool with very low pressure.

Note: Sanding is rarely necessary. With the right products and the right methods, it is rare that we need to remove a layer of wood to bring your patio back to its natural state. We can open the pores of the wood simply by using the proper chemicals. This saves a lot of time and longevity to your patio. Another reason to hire a professional!

Concrete Cleaning
Roof Cleaning
Graffiti Removal

Our Mission

Highline Building Services is a professional cleaning company offering high-quality cleaning services for commercial clients. We promise to execute our services with honesty, integrity and quality workmanship. We will also be donating 10% of our profits to planting trees and carbon credits in an attempt to become carbon neutral. We believe businesses can have a massive impact on the environment by all working together.

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