Roof snow removal 

Highline building services offers roof snow removal services in the Ottawa, Ontario area. We serve residential and commercial clients and we are confident in our ability to offer you a great service.

Why should you remove snow from your roof ?



Ice dams

Ice dams usually start at your gutters and work their way up onto your roof. They also can be seen around skylights, roof vents and the seams between 2 roofs.

Usually ice dams form because of poor insulation and ventilation in the attic. If you find yourself having this problem often, look at adding a vent in the roof or changing your insulation. When heat from your house escapes into your attic, this causes the shingles to heat up and melt the snow. Once the water hits the gutters that are below 0 C it freezes. This melting and refreezing process causes ice to build up. 

Ice is not something you want to have on your roof as it can damage your gutters, build up behind your shingles and cause water damage as well as add extra weight to your roof.

Weight of the snow

Although your roof is built to withstand some weight. Excess snow and ice can weigh thousands of pounds. Ice being much heavier than snow. This can cause joists and trusses to crack. And in extreme cases can cause total collapse as shown in the picture below.

Frequently asked questions


When should you remove snow from your roof ?

Generally speaking, you should remove snow after 6 inches have accumulated. This is especially true when you have ice dams as ice weighs much more than snow. However, if your only concern is weight from snow, you should remove the snow when you have about a foot and a half built up.


What methods do you use to remove the snow?

We use a plastic roof rake with wheels. The reason we use plastic is so it does not damage the shingles. This is why you would never use metal rakes on a roof. Usually we can do everything from the ground with our long extension poles.



What methods do you use to remove the ice?

We use roof melting tablets. These are not the same as the salt you use in the driveway. This could cause corrosion and damages to the shingles. We use a product specifically used for roofs.

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